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About Us

Professional Services

East West Consulting has vast experience in effectively dealing with the challenges presented by the Japanese market.

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EWC Service Features


Proven System

Since 1987 East West Consulting has helped a broad array of global companies achieve success in the Japanese market. We are widely recognized as Tokyo's leading executive search firm, and our success rate increases quite sharply every year. EWC's clients range from many of the most prominent global companies to emerging enterprises.

East West Consulting's unique recruiting system has been specifically designed by executive search professionals with many decades of cumulative experience.


We Find The Very Best People

East West Consulting finds and introduces persons identified as the best in their respective fields. We aim to proactively scout and supply our clients with those professionals whom they really need. Many of Japan's business elite still work for large conservative Japanese companies, and scouting such people is our primary focus.

Our advanced IT system is almost exclusively comprised of information on people who our consultants have proactively scouted, interviewed and screened. We currently scout and interview over 1,000 new prospects every month.


Tokyo's Largest - And Fastest - Network

We build and maintain our network with the key people in every industry. Hence, we have a large network of skillful candidates to introduce to our clients in a timely manner.

This network contains detailed records on over 250,000 people. For all the candidates whom we have proactively scouted, at least one of our qualified consultants interviews and screens them before introducing him or her to one of our clients. With over 80 bilingual consultants, we have Tokyo's largest team of executive search professionals.


Sensitive Consultation

East West Consulting works hard to identify, locate and proactively scout people whom we believe have the skills and backgrounds our clients require. All work performed by our consultants is governed by stringent ethical standards.

Once direct client-candidate meetings are in process and in order for this process to move smoothly to conclusion, our role is to provide supporting consultation appropriate to each specific case.


Extensive HR Support

Our consultants have the skills to advise clients on a broad range of matters related to employment, such as Japanese hiring practices, compensation packages, contracts, legal issues, and valuable market information.

Superb facilities at our central Tokyo offices are fully utilized in making presentations to candidates. In the course of any search, clients may also benefit from bilingual and technology support, as well as access to video-conferencing and meeting facilities.