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Executive Message

Market View

These days many companies are seeking talented candidates but there is a shortage of people in the market. However, many of these companies are desperate to increase headcount. As a result, they are hiring candidates who are not suited for their tasks or to the corporate culture because of the high pressure from management or business environment. Consequently, I hear both companies and candidates face unhappy situations within a short time.

Here’s my comments:

Companies invest to hire many good candidates using executive search firms or employment agencies therefore this isn’t a 1 or 2 years short-term investment for people.
Also for candidates as well, they don’t expect to or they shouldn’t change jobs every year, they need to do a long term career plan like 3 to 5 years rather than the current condition.

East West Consulting has 30 years of history as an executive search consulting firm and we have introduced many talented executives and professionals.
We have seen many cases in the human capital market therefore we will be able to give you a good advice to help your business and your career.

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